How we practice

The exercise is performed on mats with your own body or with aids (Fit-ball, expander, overball -
small inflatable ball, etc.), i.e. there are no shocks and bumps such as in a classic fitness studio
where dumbbells and other weights are used. And also, you do not jump, nor perform dynamic
exercises while practicing Pilates.


Pilates is a method of exercise aimed at strengthening the musculoskeletal system and correcting
movement patterns. This exercise is most often performed as the next procedure after
rehabilitation, as the so-called recondition resp. regeneration. It can also be performed as a
corrective exercise, i.e. there was no surgery procedure, but the client has problems with the
correct execution of the movement, or he wants to increase / optimize his sports performance,
resp. daily movement.

Focus of our studio

Due to the focus of our studio, we decided to offer exercises in small groups of 4-8 people, where
we will focus on individual exercises. We will not offer larger groups, because then the desired
effect of Pilates exercises is not achieved, and that is the quality of movement, and the possibility
of correcting the client by the Pilates instructor.


Cvičnie v našom štúdiu je možné na reformeroch, chairs alebo podložkách.

Exercises in our studio are possible on reformers or mats. We have the reformer Allegro 2, which is one of the most popular machines for Pilates exercises. You can take the classes individually or in pairs or in a group of four where the benefits of exercise on a mat and a machine are combined.

We specialize in exercises for people with scoliosis, correction of movement pattern and improvement of performance, or return to active movement.

FitLates Cvičenia



on mats max 6 people
The exercise takes place on mats lasting 50 minutes and the maximum number of people in a
group is 6. The classes vary in difficulty from beginner to advanced. The exercises are performed
with aids such as overball, rubber, flowing tone, Fit-ball, small weights, Pilates band, etc., and
thanks to the aids, the classes are even more interesting. Get an enriching set of Pilates exercises
under the supervision of experienced instructors.



max 4 people

Exercise on a reformer in a group of up to 4
people. You perform and feel the same exercises with different tools
which allows you to progress faster. The exercise is suitable for the beginners and also for the
advanced and we adapt it according to the composition of the group.



max 2 people

The Pilates Chair is a multipurpose apparatus and challenges balance and proprioception in different ways than other apparatus. The Chair’s unique design enables everyone to get amazing results. This class will help you gain deep core strength and increase all-over body tone. The movements in the Pilates Chair class are some of the most unique of any class you’ve taken. The Pilates Chair class will help you strengthen your core, which enhances good balance, while also improving coordination and reducing risk of injury!



Individual class

The most intense way to practice Pilates with the biggest progress. The instructor fully adapts the
exercise to the client's needs and thus can focus on the most effective solution and progress for
the client. The exercise takes place on machines and mats, as well as with aids (overball, rubber,
flowing tone, Fit-ball, small weights, Pilates band, etc.).



dual class for two

Ideal exercise for couples or acquaintances and friends in pairs. You get the maximum benefits
from the individual class and at the same time you have a partner who will push you to perform in
the exercise. Mutual support and competition under the supervision of an instructor makes you
move forward. The exercise takes place on machines and mats, as well as with aids (overball,
rubber, flowing tone, Fit-ball, small weights, Pilates band, etc.).

Vzdelávanie - workshopy


Starter pack
class agree by phone
  • you pay for one and get two individual classes
  • 40,-€
  • valid - 30 days
  • One-time entry - 11, - €
  • Season ticket 90 days 10 entries - 9, - € / entrance
  • One-time entry - 17, - €
  • Season ticket 60 days 10 entries - 15.5,- € / entrance
class agree by phone
  • One-time entry 50 min - 35, - €
  • Season ticket 90 days 10 entries - 30, - € / entrance
DUO CLASS – private
class agree by phone
  • One-time entry 50 min - 50, - €/ 2 persons
  • Season ticket 90 days 10 entries - 40, - € / entrance / 2 persons
DUO CLASS – open
  • One-time entry 50 min - 30, - € per person
  • Season ticket 90 days 10 entries - 25, - € / entrance / per person

FitLates Inštruktori

Radoslav Cvik

Radoslav Cvik

Pilates instructor / DNS Certified Exercise Trainer

    All my life I enjoy sports and I do various sports, I inherited inclinations towards teaching after my
    parents :-). I once had no idea that I would become a Pilates instructor and that I would fall in love
    with this set of exercises.
    I discovered Pilates 8 years ago (today is 2021). This exercise enchanted me with its efficiency
    and simplicity and thus I began to be actively engaged in it. I am constantly learning Pilates, but
    also other options that I can combine in my Pilates class, e.g. I completed a DNS course created
    by the Czech physiotherapist Professor Pavel Kolář, as well as trainings for exercises with various
    aids and exercises on machines, e.g. exercises with Thera-band, Roller, Fit-ball, Flowin and
    In 2015, I completed the Pilates instructor of the 1 st degree. In January 2017, I passed the exams
    for the Pilates Instructor of the 2 nd degree.
    In my view, Pilates is an amazing method that involves a unique set of exercises that activate the
    right movement pattern and thus help people improve their quality of life. I am mainly focused on
    clients with scoliosis.
    I enjoy helping people and monitoring their own progress and performance increase or health
    improvement with them.

    Lucia Repová

    Lucia Repová

    Pilates instructor

      Sport has been an integral part of my life since childhood. I devoted myself to artistic gymnastics
      and dance for a long time, later I was enchanted by mountain climbing. To this day, I love
      mountains, hiking and skiing.
      I started practicing Pilates actively after the birth of my second son, when I needed to effectively
      strengthen the internal abdominal muscles and eliminate the pain in the lumbar spine. My own
      experience with this method inspired me to become the Pilates instructor and help people
      strengthen healthily and effectively, as well as have the same enjoyment of the exercise as I did.


      Neváhajte sa na nás obrátiť, robíme to pre Vás.

      Fit-lates Pilates Centrum, s.r.o.

      +421 915 745 417
      Na Riviére 35/2, 841 04 Bratislava, Slovakia

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